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Testing Project Support Services


Hosted Test™ is designed to be both a do-it-yourself tool for self-service customers, and a full-service technology and support platform for larger, more complex projects and customers with ongoing testing and assessment needs.


For do-it-yourselfers, setting up your account is all you need to set up your test, open it or send it out, receive the data from the completed tests, and view your reports and scores. Simply click here to get started!


For those seeking personal help with your projects, a combination of online testing software augmented by professional services, custom support and project resources, or to completely outsource your testing, assessment or evaluation projects, we offer several optional services packages to assist you in the setup and administration of your tests.


These Optional Packages are each priced separately and are described below.


Test Setup Option

The experts at Hostedware Customer Services will provide complete test setup that will save you time, take advantage of our expertise, and ensure best possible functioning of your test.

  • Timely setup of customer's test
  • Entry of customer's questions, including categorization by course and topic
  • Instructions, logo & formatting, and all the finishing touches
  • Timed testing rules and formatting, as needed
  • Pass versus fail rules and navigation, as needed
  • International language or multi-lingual tests
  • Logo design, resizing and retouching - Hosting of documents, audio-
    visuals, reference aids and other review materials
  • Flash Animation, including character animation (click here for samples
    and pricing)

Test Administration Option

Hostedware Customer Services will provide a complete respondent administration and email invitation package including:

  • Uploading customer's student, employee or participant list
  • Sending customer's invitations or notices
  • Monitoring completed tests
  • Sending reminder notices when appropriate
  • Hosting and delivery of certificates
  • Providing online and telephone support to customer's test participants
  • Optional dedicated toll free number and answering service

Statistical Analysis & Reporting Packages

We will provide data analysis, data conversion and systems integration services to provide the best online testing experience. Hosted Test™ offers an online grade book and methods for extracting test results data to your computer in several data formats such as tab-delimited text, Microsoft Excel, HTML and XML. These options are included with your account as part of the core system at no extra charge.


In addition, you may require highly customized reports, presentation materials or even an online data mart or management information system. For these special projects, Hostedware's team of systems architects and software engineers will partner with you to convert your raw test data into meaningful and informative reports for your exact needs.


Custom Development and Modification

We offer custom development and features enhancements to our Hosted Test™ software application. With our staff of developers and many years of experience developing online testing software applications, we can customize our standard Hosted Test™ software application to satisfy your specific requirements.


Email Customer Service to learn more about our wide range of attractive pricing options. Custom quotes can be developed to meet your exact requirements and budget.


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