Florida Department of Revenue

VAB Attorney Exam

If you have between three and five years of relevant experience and meet all other qualifications in section 194.035 (1), F.S., you must take an exam to become a special magistrate. If you pass the exam, you will receive a certificate from the department for successfully completing the training and exam. 
Successful completion requires a score of 80 percent or higher. If your score is below 80 percent, you may retest at your convenience. 
After successfully completing this training and exam, you may be hired as a special magistrate to hear petitions to the value adjustment board. 
Testing is not required for other participants in the VAB training, but they may take an exam if they prefer. Members of the Florida Bar can become eligible for CLE credit by passing either the exam for VAB attorneys or the exam for attorney special magistrates.  
The online exam for VAB attorneys consists of 92 multiple-choice questions and is based on all eleven (11) of the VAB training modules. This exam must be started and finished within an uninterrupted, four (4) hour block of time. Starting an exam, then logging out of that exam, and then logging back in to the same exam is not allowed. If you do not finish an exam within the four hour time period, you will be required to start a new exam.  
When beginning the exam you will be asked to complete the following fields: Full Name, Business Phone Number, Email and County. Using the "tab" key you will be able to move from field to field to complete this information. 
The minimum passing score is 80 percent. To pass the exam, you must answer at least 80 questions correctly. If your score is less than 80 percent, we recommend that you study the applicable modules again. You may retest when ready.  
Completion of the VAB training track for VAB attorneys, including passing the revised online exam, has been approved by the Florida Bar as a 20 hour CLE course. The CLE reference number for the training track for VAB attorneys is 1706430N. (Note: The training track for attorney special magistrates has also been approved as a separate CLE course. Because of substantial duplication of content in these two training tracks, Bar members should only apply for CLE credit for one of these training tracks.)  
Please submit a copy of your certificate of completion from Blackboard along with a copy of your exam results email from Hostedtest to VABTraining@floridarevenue.com. Your name will be added to the list of individuals who have completed the VAB training, and you will receive a certificate of training noting your completion of the exam.  
Thank you for your interest in the Departmentís VAB training. Please send any questions by email to: