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Hosted Test™ Features & Benefits


Hosted Test™ is the premier online testing and assessment software chosen by educators, human resources professionals and performance improvement specialists all over the world. Working with industry experts and our customers from the very beginning, we have developed software applications for you that combine grace, simplicity and ease of use with the powerful and robust feature set most requested by your peers.


Configure and Personalize

You have total control over the look and feel of your test, invitations, confirmations and reports. We do not require you to carry our advertisements, banners, disclaimers or annoying pop-ups, pop-unders or page re-directs.


You can specify the fonts, colors, styles and backgrounds of almost all the different text elements. You can add your organization's logo, branding, watermark and other artwork and images to the page layout, and personalize the wording of user prompts, buttons, labels and messages. When your test is complete, your respondents will be taken where you want them to go.


Question Types

Hosted Test™ offers a variety of different question types and textual/visual elements for your use in the development of your tests, exams and evaluation forms.

  1. Multiple Choice, Select All That Apply (Check boxes)
  2. Multiple Choice, Select Just One (Radio buttons)
  3. Multiple Choice, Select Just One (Drop down list boxes)
  4. Essay (Unlimited length, open-ended text)
  5. Open-ended Text (User-defined length, 1 to 1,000 characters)
  6. Multi-part Open-ended Text (User-defined, multiple parts of user-defined length for each part)
  7. Matching Question Set (Provides two lists of statements or items to be matched together correctly)
  8. Random Question Set or Pool (Present a group of questions in random order, or drawn as a sub-set from a larger pool, unique to each student or test taker)
  9. Conditional Question Branch or Skip (Dynamically hide, display or branch to optional questions based on previous answers)
  10. Page Heading, Break (Textual element in special font, always starts a new page)
  11. Section Heading (Textual element in special font, breaks up a single page into sections for readability)
  12. Section Text (Textual element, unlimited characters, can include links to documents, related material, and multimedia elements)
  13. Custom (User-defined question type, requires custom programming, and a modest fee for development... but we'll do just about anything you need)
  14. We're now offering a free registration page for all tests. Send a link to your respondents or post it on your website. They will add their name and email address, and go directly to the test. The registration page will add your respondent information to the test's respondent list, connecting your respondents to their answers. Send an email with your login name and the test codes(s) with your request to use the registration page and we'll take care of the rest - for free!


Advanced Question and Answer Options

  • Required Answer (Respondent cannot submit page unless a response is given to the question)
  • Random Answer Sequence (Randomly re-orders set of answer options differently for each test taker)
  • Do Not Randomize Answer (Randomly re-orders some of the answer options, but keeps others in fixed position)
  • User-defined Data Types (User can specify data type for open-ended questions as alpha, numeric, mixed, positive integer, date/time, etc.)
  • User-defined Data Constraints (User can specify the range of allowed characters for open-ended questions)
  • "None of the Above" Answer (For check boxes, if this answer is selected, all other answers are automatically deselected, and vice-versa)

Test Design and Editing Options

Test designers have the option of starting from scratch, copying and editing new versions of existing tests, importing, combining, merging and editing test templates or individual questions and answers from your Question & Answer Library, or importing and editing stock tests from Hostedware's library of test examples.


Editing functions include the ability to easily insert questions at any point in a test, move or re-sequence questions in a test, delete questions in a test, and use standard Copy/Paste functions to copy text from one place to another.


At any time during the test design process, you can preview your test to see exactly how it will look online for your respondents. One click invokes the test in "Test Mode." You can then take the test, from beginning to end, testing for content, style, usability, and the proper working of various navigation controls, data constraints, required fields, user messages and optional links to supporting material, artwork, or multimedia, etc. Your responses will be processed, but not permanently saved.


All formatting, layout, navigation and configuration options are available via our point-and-click web interface. No scripting or memorization of special commands, codes or languages is required. Optionally, you can embed HTML formatting and JavaScript commands into your questions, answers, message text and emails to achieve sky's-the-limit special effects, and additional control over the look, feel and functionality of your test.


Test Administration and Respondent Invitations

You control the duration (start and end) your test is open. The duration can range from a short period of time on a single day to weeks, months or even years. You also control who can take your test, whether it is open to the public or only to a pre-defined list or class. And you control whether the test has to be completed in one session, or participants can exit and resume later; and if they can, whether they can go back and change previous answers, go forward only and not back to prior pages, and whether they can re-enter unconditionally, until they have submitted the last page of the test, or can continue retrying until they pass the test.


Each test is assigned a unique test code. If your target audience or student database is known upfront, you can assign each respondent an ID or password as well. Hosted Test's respondent management features allow you to enter or upload a list of names, email addresses and related contact and demographic information (including user-defined fields) from an Excel spreadsheet.


The email invitation system allows you to invite participants using a personalized and tailored message. Each email is sent out individually (no bulk email with copies or blind copies, cc/bcc), and can be personalized with a greeting name and other optional information and customized prompts and text. Invited participants can launch the test with a single click from their email invitation.


You can monitor who has taken the test and who has not. You can configure a confirmation email to notify the test administrator each time a participant completes a test, and you can send periodic reminder notices to those who have not yet completed their test.


Timed Testing

You can specify a timer on the test using timed testing.You can set time limits on your entire test, or create an SAT-style test using "chapters" for different test subjects. Chapters allow you to time each section of your test independently, permanently close prior sections, and allow for breaks between timed sessions. You can control the text and display attributes of timer messages and clock.


Online Reports, Grade Book, Real-time Results

You can view up-to-the-minute statistics about your tests at any time. One click gives you immediate access to an up-to-the-moment online grade book with scores and percentages by student or participant. You can compare scores over multiple tests and use the results to tabulate grades. You can categorize test questions by topic and see topic-by-topic scores and totals. And you have many options for configuring whether the test taker will see scores or not, as well as correct responses, incorrect responses, review material, as well as other data and statistics, and whether these reports will be emailed to test administrators, the students themselves, or both.


More complex configurable reports are also available, with options available to view results and various statistics by demographic groupings, respondent data, and other filters. Essay reports are available and can be sorted and filtered for viewing.


You can download your results data to a file on your computer. This file is in an industry-standard tab-delimited, MicrosoftR Excel, Access or XML format, and is ready for immediate use. You can easily import it into your favorite database or statistical analysis software, or send it electronically to your back-office information systems.


(Fully-automated, scheduled, custom-configured data transfer options are available, and can be set up very quickly and cost-effectively.)


When designing tests, question and answer coding is available for multi-lingual and longitudinal evaluations, and to simplify data manipulation, statistical analysis, data storage, and to eliminate any embedded HTML coding.


Question & Answer (Q&A) Library

Pre-defined and re-usable questions and answers can be created and saved in your personal Q&A Library. Test templates can be created that enable you to create a test once and customize it for multiple projects, courses or periods. Click to import a template into your new test, and then modify as needed. Multiple templates can be combined to create one test. Customers who conduct a variety of types of tests can categorize your library questions using "Test Types." This feature optimizes your ability to organize large libraries, and find what you need when you need it.



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