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PREPSKILLS fills a niche by preparing students to write Ontario private and independent school admission examinations, including the Secondary School Admission Test (SSAT).


The unique strength of our program is based on the simple but crucial fact that students learn in different ways. Our program is customized to meet the needs of students in Grades 5 to 10 preparing for admission to the school of their choice. The focus is to relieve anxiety, increase confidence, and build valuable skills for a student to use long after the examination is over. Our goal is to provide the PREPSKILLS edge... by inspiring students to reach their full potential!


Hostedware services have been instrumental in providing the development of our online computerized diagnostic test, COMPUSSAT. The diagnostic
test is organized for Lower and Upper level students so that it parallels the sections and format of the official SSAT, including time limits. The main purpose of the diagnostic test is to help the teacher and student discover weaknesses and strengths in terms of strategy, content, skills and time management. Parents are provided with detailed progress reports. Teachers work with students to devise a plan to ensure that each child takes the necessary steps in order to maximize his/her scoring potential.


A comment from a parent:

The innovative on-line COMPUSSAT diagnostic test is user-friendly. The analysis of the test, providing scores and detailing strengths and weaknesses helped us participate in the process by going over specific areas with Kelly at home.


Hosted Test provides the exact web-solution we were looking for. The online test allows students to complete the diagnostic component of our course from the comfort of their own home. Hosted Test programmers worked diligently to meet our needs by customizing the reports to generate comprehensive data including scaled scoring and section-by-section analysis. Student and test data is easily and readily accessible to our teachers, and parents receive feedback immediately! and feeder a demo of our diagnostic test and view the report in real-time automatically.


This "real-time" feature is without doubt a strong selling point that able to compile important statistical information and client profiling as a result of the efficiency provided by downloading the student profile section of the test as an Excel document.


By using Hosted Test, we have realized the benefits of increased productivity and reduction in costs. We no longer require the physical space, staff or extensive time needed to administer our diagnostic test at an actual facility. Most importantly, as educators, we are most appreciative of the "no marking" involved... a teacher's dream! All we have to do is provide the login and invite students to take the test... Hosted Test does the rest! We value the flexibility and effectiveness that Hosted Test provides.


Hostedware has exceeded our expectations in terms of fulfilling an integral part of our PREPSKILLS model. And we are grateful for their professionalism in making the necessary accommodations to meet our needs!


We look forward to doing business with you in the future.




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